Street Week 2021 was carried out as planned during Week 28. Many had eagerly awaited the opportunity to experience the competition again since it was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. The last time it took place was in 2019, so many have been able to prepare well for this year’s race, but still, many registered participants had to give up their plans as the decision to proceed was made late and close to the start date, precisely because of the pandemic and the authorities’ late approval of this type of event.

FordMustangMagazine had the honor of participating in Street Week, which since 2017 has become a recurring drag racing competition with street-legal enthusiast cars. 200 pre-registered competitors are to clock the fastest time possible on the 201-meter-long tracks during the week. There are 10 classes with divisions based on type of propulsion, engine, tire/wheel size, and fuel available for the competitor to choose from.
GT500 at Kjula Raceway. Street Week Sweden 2021. ©Erik Torssell
Between the five tracks, there are a total of 1500km transport stretches with checkpoints. The competing cars are required to be driven between them. Spare parts and tools to be used must be transported with the competition car. Therefore, it must be approved and insured to be driven on public roads.

Sö 11/7, 9-16 Registrering & Besiktning Kjula Dragway Eskilstuna.
Må 12/7 9-16 Tävlingsdag Kjula Dragway.
Ti  13/7 9-16  Emmaboda flygbana, Emmaboda, mellan Växjö-Kalmar
On 14/7 9-16 Malmö Raceway, Malmö, Lappögatan.
To 15/7 9-16  Vårgårda Flygfält, mellan Alingsås-Vara.
Fr 16/7 15-21 Mantorp Park, Mantorp, Linköping.
Lö 17/7          Kjula Dragway, Eskilstuna.  Bilutställning Crazy Muscle Meet.

“Three runs per track where the fastest time is taken to provide the best average time from the five tracks. Participants drive individually against the clock but start in pairs regardless of the class they belong to.”

Street Week is a spectator sport where everyone is welcome to watch the competitors push their hand-prepared cars to go as fast as possible over 201 meters. It’s all about cars, high tempo, high tech, speed, and excitement. More information is available on the Street Week website.
Street Week 2021 at Vårgårda Raceway
Driver meeting Street Week 2021 at Emmaboda Raceway

A co-driver retrospective

Winner StreetWeek 2021

Max Outlaw
71 Michael Westberg Chevrolet S10, Snittid 4,61656s
11 Jocke Cedergren Ford -32                     4,74724s
101 Kenneth Westin Volvo                          5,30848

True Street
109 Micke Svensson Chevrolet Corvette -66 5,8065
107 Sami Toivonen Chevrolet                      6,0459
102 Fredrik Löfström Pontiac Firebird           6,38408

Pro Touring
13 Petter Lundgren Chevrolet El Camino     6,81552
57 Pontus Svensson BMW 520 Touring        6,91364
139 Martin Korhonen Pontiac Firebird          7,24064

Import War (FWD)
58 Peter Karlsson Honda Civic 1.8 VTi        7,6156
74 Alexander Jonasson Honda Civic EG      18,32288

Resultat Street Week 2021

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