The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 has been available with various engine configurations since it was created by Shelby American. Initially equipped with a 428cui (7L) “big block” FE Police Interceptor engine producing 355hp with dual 4-port Holley carburetors. The latest GT500 model in 2020 features a 5.2L (315cui) supercharged V8 producing 760hp/625lbft. It comes with a Torsen limited-slip differential 3.73 and a 7-speed Tremec dual-clutch automatic transmission.
GT500 at Kjula Raceway. Street Week Sweden 2021. ©Erik Torssell

The 2013-14 model of the GT500 was the last model Carroll Shelby himself helped develop. It is powered by a 5.8L (351cui) aluminum modular supercharged engine generating 662hp/631lbft. Depending on the accessory packages, it was equipped with a Torsen limited-slip differential (Performance package) 3.30 and a 6-speed Tremec manual gearbox to enable speeds of over 300km/h. See the “Road & Track” test link.
Shelby GT500 1967 Gärdesloppet, regularity race in Stockholm 2017 ©Erik Torssell

“13-14 GT500 is a worthy successor
to the original 1967 model.

It features a large engine capacity
capable of delivering tremendous power
to the solid rear axle. With the right aftermarket
the car can achieve impressive speeds”

The FordMustangMagazine “Need For Speed” Shelby GT500 2013 project car has a powerful engine. By refining the engine and allowing it to breathe without any restrictions, significant power can be extracted from the supercharged 5.8L 4V Trinity engine developed by Ford Special Vehicle Team, SVT. Standard equipment with optional Performance package and track pack.

GT500 2013 at Street Week stand Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show 2022 ©Erik Torssell
Ford SVT 5.8L Trinity Engine DOHC cam shain.
Ford Racing 4V cylinder head. CNC clean up
Ford Racing 4V CNC ported cylinder head intake 5.8L Trinity engine
Ford Racing 4V CNC ported cylinder head exhause 5.8L Trinity engine

Removing and assembling the engine with gearbox is made easier with the car on a 2-post lift. Remove the driveshaft, wheels, loosen control arms and tie rods, and let the spindle with discs hang in the car. The AC remains in the engine compartment. The entire engine cradle with gearbox and power steering remains attached to the engine, which is ideally placed on the floor with carts and pallets underneath when the car/body is lifted over the engine. Radiator components remain in the engine compartment. There are numerous hoses and cables to disconnect, but this can be done in a few hours. If the car needs to be moved, reattach the engine cradle with power steering and connect the control arms and wheels so the car can be rolled away.
Change Engine GT500 2013 ©Erik Torssell

Engine Custom build:
Ford SVT Trinity 5.8L, 32 valve, DOHC V8 93,5mm cylinder diam.
Ford Copperhead ECM
Ford Racing 32V CNC ported heads
Ford Racing GT Super Car Cams
Pac Racing Valve spring
Ford Cobra Jet forged crankshaft
Mahle forged pistons
Manley H beam 4340 Tapereds Rods
King bearings, main and rod
Innovators West crank Pulley
Fuel Injectors 1050x 1065cc Injector Dynamics.
Whippley 10-rib 4.0L kompressor, Pulley 3.5″ 89mm.
VMP 137 monoblade , 66mm tall x 148mm wide throttle body.

JLT Super Big air intake 148mm.

Headers Kooks long tube .
3″ Ford Racing muffler with 2 pipes 4,5″.

Drive train:
McLeod Clutch RXT1200 twin disc
Tremec Transmission T6060 6-speed manual.
MGW Shifter.
Summit Racing Staging Line Lock systems.
Carbon fiber driveshaft.
Rear axle Ford 8.8, 3.73:1
Torsen T2R differential.

Change for Dragracing:
Transmission 6R80 6-speed auto.
Converter Circle D Pro series multi 258mm 2C.
Rear axle Ford 8.8, 3.31:1
Transmission controller US Shift Quick 6 gen2.

Brembo 14″ front rotors 6 pistons calipers
Chassi kan ställas om för både bankörning och dragracing.

Wheels and tyres Race tracks:
Front wheels Shelby America 20×10″ with Michelin Pilot Sport 4s 265x40x20
Rear wheels 20×11,5″ with Michelin Pilot Sport 4s 305x35x20

Wheel and tyres for Dragracing:
Front wheels Forgestar 18×5″ with Falken 175x60x18
Rear wheels Forgestar F14 Beadlock 15×10″ with Hoosier Quick Time Pro Bias Ply 28×11,5×15

Chassie/Väghållning Bankörning:
Fjädrar Ford Performance kit M-530-L (-1,25″)
Stötdämpare Bilstein/SVT justerbara OEM
Front control arms, Ford Performance Boss302
Rear Lower control arms, BMR-TCA021H
rear Upper control arm, BMR-UTCA033H

Chassie/Väghållning, change for Dragracing:
BMR drag spring front SP076C
BMR drag spring rear SP012RF
Shock rear QA1 double adjustable
BMR Xtreme Antiroll Bar XSB005H

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