Shelby GT500 1967 was manufactured by Ford in San José, California and modified by Shelby American at LAX Airport in Los Angeles. Caroll Shelby ordered cars with the new Ford 428ci FE engine called Police Interceptor. Aluminium intake manifold with dual-quad Holley 4160 carburetor on the top. Shelby also modified wheels suspension and rear axle. Front, hood, and trunk were replaced by fiberglass to make the car lighter. There are many details that are unique to those Shelby made cars.

“In 1967, the GT500 came with big block engine
equipped with two 600 CFM Holly four-barrel carburetors
on top at Ford 428 Police Interceptor engine
that had some shares with the Cobra Le Mans engine”

Seven liters in a Mustang, 355Hp at 5400rpm and 570Nm at 3200rpm through the 3 shifted C6 automatic transmission and Ford 9 inch rear axle. The cars had a 4 gear top loaded manual gearboxes as standard.

428 PI engine Shelby GT500 1967
The 428 Police Interceptor engine is seated in the car it has always been in since manufacturing #329

“The sound along with a Ford seven liters engine
that is modified by Shelby American and for the first time
mounted in a Ford Mustang chassis, it is a real muscle car”

Engine plate 428 -67 build 1966 Dec for Shelby GT500 #329
Shelby GT500 #329 Engine I.D. Tag 428PI build -66 Dec model year -67, 405 for P engine with change level 3

This GT500 is manufactured December 21, 1966, and sold by Shelby American as number 329 of 2048 manufactured 67ór. The car is signed personally by Caroll Shelby in Texas. The car is well documented in the SAAC registry and is handled over time without rust. It is in a concourse condition where the engine, driveline, body and other parts match the numbers of the production. Original matching numbers. Everything is “old school”.The distributor is not vacuum controlled on the Ford 428PI engine that Shelby used, and it makes it harder to get the ignition right without nails. Double crushers and weights at the bottom provide the possibility that it can work with high-octane gasoline. I myself have used stethoscopes to listen for knocks while driving in the combustion room to find the optimal ignition.

Ignition weights in the distributor
Dubbla brytarspetsar GT500 -67. ©Erik Torssell
The Autolite Star Plug BF42 as factory-mounted as illustrated is difficult to find today but can be replaced by Motorcraft BSF42C or Champion RF11YC
Spark plug cylinder 4 on a Ford Shelby 428PI with dual 4-port Holley 600 carburetor after half a day at the racetrack

“Imagine that this GT500 was rebuilt by Shelby American
at LAX airport simultaneously with Ford testing out the new
F40 MkII car with which they won Le Mans from 1966-1969″
Shelby GT500 1967 with Ford F40 MkII at Shelby America LAX production plant 1966

Driving a Shelby GT500 1967 # 329

Wheels nationals Stockholm 2017, “Ten Most Outstanding Cars”
American Car Show Norrtälje 2017, 3:e price 60`s
Power Big Meet Västerås 2: a price 64-73 Hardtop 2016
Wheels Nationals Solvalla “Ten Most Outstanding Cars” 2015.
Gärdesloppet Stockholm 1: a price KAK ladies race 2015
Elmia Jönköping  ”Jury`s Choice” 2015.
updated August 25 2017


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