Arlanda Test Track 1 is the track for a truly enjoyable driving experience that challenges both the driver and the car, offering the opportunity to quickly evaluate and make changes to the car and driving style.
GT500 -67 at Arlanda Test Track. Foto Leo Grip

The Dynamic Course section of the track is only 1 km long but with a width of 10 meters and an elevation difference of 11 meters, allowing for fast overtaking without risking life and limb. The maximum speed reaches 150-160 km/h. Arlanda Test Track 1 demands a lot from the chassis, brakes, and driver. The track also changes laterally.

Out of the pit lane and into a long sweeping curve followed by a straight. The speedometer reads 160 km/h with the new 2017 Ford Mustang GT as it’s time to brake into a steep downhill leading into a 90-degree curve. Full acceleration up over the next crest and down into a sweeping lateral chicane before going uphill and past the pit lane into the long curve again. There are opportunities for different route choices depending on what appeals to the car and driver.
Shelby GT500 -67 at Arlanda Test Track with Christine Meltzer ©Erik Torssell

The Shelby from 1967 reached 150 km/h
before it was time to brake down toward the
90-degree bend at Arlanda Test Track 1.

50 years between the Fords. Age takes its toll as the Mustang GT’s V8 responds quickly to throttle with brakes that bite before the curves. The Shelby GT500 shows that it lives with massive raw power and a sound that you just want more of when all 8 throttle plates in the carburetors are wide open.

Instructor Per Johansson from Training Partner Nordic AB shows track choices and the ideal line. He explains and gives tips.
Going home after a Road Racing day with my Shelby GT500 -67 at Arlanda Test Track.  Foto Leo Grip


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